About Us    
  Rae Sport Pvt. Ltd. Is a Mumbai based adventure sports company which has pioneered the introduction of eco-friendly water sports in
India including Kayaking, Surfski Kayaking, Canoeing, Wind Surfing, Stand-Up-Paddle Surfing, Kite Surfing and Dragon Boat Racing. We represent some of the best names in the world for equipment sourced for our sports.
Feelfree kayaks – Sit-on top and Sit-in kayaks
Pyranha kayaks - White water kayaks
Star-Board - Wind surfing and stand up paddle surfing equipment.
Epic - Surf ski kayaks
Again we are the only ones who provide training in the motioned sports.
Dragon Boats – meeting IDBF specifications
Racing kayaks and canoes - flat water
Peter Lynn - kite boarding equipment
Canoes - Pelican, Old Town and Arrow
Modular Jetty
We are also the only company teaching these sports in the country.
  We are the only Company in India to have all our trainers certified by Paddle Culture International for kayaking and provide certification upto the instructor level. Rae Sport is a member with the All India Council of Physical Education for promoting eco friendly water sports.
  The Team    
  Mr. Rajiv Bhatia
Status: KayaKing
Favorite Aqua-Buggy: Starboard Tiki 12.6, Feelfree Nomad

Favorite Quote:
“A man of wisdom delights in water!- Confucius”

Rajiv pioneered and revolutionized the way people looks at water sports in India. He has been an avid Kayaker, Windsurfer and Stand Up Paddler for over 7 years. Apart from being a 3 star Kayaker and a Level I kayak instructor certified by Paddle Culture International, Singapore he is also India’s only Internationally certified Dragon Boat instructor.
  Mr. Mirang Manek
Status: Wave Buster
Favorite Aqua-Buggy: Feelfree Nomad, Epic V10

Favorite Quote:
“See it, feel it, Surf it!”

Mirang has been Kayaking for over 5 years, and is a 3 Star kayaker and a level I instructor certified by Paddle Culture International, Singapore. Other than kayaking, he is also an avid windsurfer and sailor. Coming from a long line of International sportsmen Mirang has also been a national level tennis player.
  Mr. Pradip Patade
Status: Driller
Favorite Aqua-Buggy: Star Board SUPer, Feelfree Nomad, Pyranah Playboats Favorite

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave and find your element in each moment”

Pradip has been one with the ocean for 25 years. He is a well trained and experienced Kayaker, Sailor, Windsurfer, Stand-up Paddler, Canoer, and swimmer. He has sailed from Mumbai to Goa and Karnataka on more than one occasion. He is presently the chief coach at Rae Sport Academy.