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  School and Kids
International affiliation with paddle culture Singapore to provide certification courses in kayaking upto the instructor level
Equipment used is 2011 models for all the sports training provided by certified trainers
The team : Rajiv Bhatia is an internationally certified Dragon Boat Coach and International Technical Officer certified by the International Canoe Federation
Mirang Manek – is the youngest certified kayaker in India
Paradip Patade – brings 25 years of teaching experience
  The ever changing business dynamics demand organizational teams which are comfortable working with one another and yet flexible to respond to the various challenges thrown at them. Quick response is the requirement of the day and good leader cannot do without a motivated team.

With this is mind Rae Sport Academy provides an avenue to team development and honing leadership skills.

Eco-friendly water sports by their very nature help one imbibe a keen sense of the environment. Teams which paddle together or practice on the Dragon Boat together find familiarity to corporate situations where they have to learn new skills and adapt them to the situation together. It is here that leadership skills and styles are recognized and taught, team members help one another, understand the difficulties their colleagues are facing and in turn provide the support to take them along.

These are beneficial for all levels of management teams and programs can be tailor made as per the requirement for a division.
  Parties and Events
Kids parties on the beach on kayaks, canoes, wind surfs and stand up paddle surfs
Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, celebrations
Food options from pizzas to five star gourmet dining
  Individuals and Groups:
Sit on top - basic introduction to kayaking (Badge course) - Rs.4,000
Star 1 (sea kayaking) - Certification course - Rs.5,500
Star 2 (sea kayaking) - Certification course - Rs.6,500
Star 1 (river kayaking) - Certification course including lodging and boarding }
Star 2 (river kayaking) - Certification couse including lodging and boarding } - Rs.22,000
Star 3 - Certification course (including rolling and white water kayaking) - Rs.10,000
Level 1 Instructor course - Rs.20,000
  Kite surfing courses at Goa:
Introductory three day course - Rs.15,000
Including lodging and boarding - Rs.22,000
  SUP surfing course (Mumbai):
Star 1 course - Rs.6,500
  Wind Surfing course (Mumbai):
Basic introduction to Wind surfing - Rs.7,500