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  Q. What is a kayak?
Q. Where can you paddle your kayak?
Q. What is a Canoe?
Q. What is a Windsurf?
Q. What is a SUP?
Q. What is a Surfski kayak?
Q. What is a Dragon Boat?
Q. What is Kite Surfing?
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    What is a kayak?

A kayak is a boat derived from the traditional hunting and fishing boats of the Eskimos, which is maneuvered with a paddle consisting of two streamlined blades on either side. The difference between a kayak and a canoe is that a kayak paddle has two blades where as the paddle of a canoe comes with one. Kayaks may take one, two or three people, and come in two basic variants: 

Sit on tops are usually used by beginners and easy paddlers. These are recreational kayaks with exceptional stability. The single seater sit-on top is perfect for surfing.

Sit-ins are generally used by more serious paddlers and are best suited for longer distances and expeditions.
    Where can you paddle a kayak?

You can ride your kayak on almost any water body, be it the sea, lake, river or a nearby canal. Kayaking does not need licensing, is not dependant on the breeze, nor the waves or currents. It is a sport which only requires simple access to the water and can be enjoyed like a pleasant bicycle ride in the evening. For the more adventurous it can provide a fabulous upper body work out with plenty of Vitamin D thrown in. The kayaking fraternity is present in Goa, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai.
    What is a Canoe?

Canoe is a small narrow boat, typically human-powered, though it may also be powered by sails or small electric or gas motors. Canoes are usually pointed at both bow and stern and are normally open on top, but can be decked over (similar to a kayak)

What is a Windsurf?

Windsurfing or sailboarding is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a board usually two to four metres long, powered by the orthogonal effect of the wind on a sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint and comprises a mast, wishbone boom and sail.

    What is a SUP?

A SUP (Stand up Paddle Board) is a larger surf board used for surfing the waves along with a longer single sided paddle. The surfer rides the waves and uses the paddle to maneuver through, gain speed and balance.
    What is a Surfski kayak?

A surf ski is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit, usually with a foot pedal controlled rudder. Typically 5-6.5m (16½-21ft) long and only 40-50 cm (16-20") wide, surf skis are extremely fast when paddled on flat water (only an Olympic K1 or K2 kayak is faster) and the fastest paddled craft available over a long distance on ocean swells.
It is the fastest growing water sport in the world.
    What is a Dragon Boat?

A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft traditionally made, in the Pearl River delta region of southern China - Guangdong Province, of teak wood to various designs and sizes. In other parts of China different woods are used to build these traditional watercraft. It is one of a family of Traditional Paddled Long Boats found throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands Dragon Boating is the fastest team water sport in the world
    What is kite Surfing?

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport that uses wind power to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard). Generally kiteboarding refers to a style of riding known as freestyle or wake-style, whereas kitesurfing is more "wave-riding" oriented. These two styles usually require different boards and specific performance kites.
Peter Lynn has taken kiting to a new dimension by making it accessible to virtually any land mass including beaches
(kite buggy), flat roads (kite boards with wheels) and kiting on the snow.